Katia Honour

Katia had always been a mystic, but could barely draw a stick figure!

After a traumatic accident left Katia her with incurable disabilities, she travelled the world in search of an alternative. By chance, Western doctors prescribed rehabilitation by art therapy and Katia underwent psychedelic psychiatry on the side … and a visionary artist was born.

A German-Irish hybrid from Melbourne, Katia was raised with Fae and Catholicism among monasteries and churches. Trance-prayer and speaking to the Fae and angels was just a normal part of her childhood.

By 14 she was reading tarot and training in esoterica, mystery schools and spiritualism.

For employment, she wavered between social worker and travelling mystic working and training across Europe and Asia within Spiritualism,  Alchemy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Chaos Magick and Shamanism.

“The journey of art began as meditation and re-integration for a wounded mind and body….  but I soon fell in love the disciplines of devotional painting.”

Painting gave her focus for mystic practices such as soul retrieval, self-resurrection, transformation and integration. Initially she illustrated deities for meditation and altar pieces, then, discovered the magick of sigils as visual prayers.

Entering a light trance, she applies automatic writing and scrying techniques to explore, observe and navigate altered states of reality.

Nearly dying is a strange gift… it showed me how precious each breath of life is.

I’m devoting my bonus time to charting transcendental states with beauty, because the state of ecstatic bhakti is a great way to spend my days.

Ultimately, I hope my art will invite others to explore their relationship to Divinity.”